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If Portraits are a window into a persons soul, Sacred Art is a window into the spiritual realm. Particular in western sacred art we see an enormous crisis, an iconoclasm.

This iconoclasm takes place in the manner of actually destroying images and churches but also in destroying the meaning and purpose of these images. The main purpose of sacred art is to gloryfie and serve God and to direct the faithfuls mind to prayer. Particularly in the Devine Liturgy the purpose of Sacred Art can be felt and vitnesed most directly. Ever since the old covenent in Exodus (31:1-6) God has chosen the most talented and skilled artists and artisans to make the ark and to decorate tent (sanctuary) whitch it houses. Like in the old testament in the Holy Mass of the new covenant, sacred art is needed and must direct the faithfuls mind torts the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar and must reflect the devine liturgy in paradise. Threw Clemens Maria Fuchs' Catholic faith Sacred Art is not merely a profession but it is an essential part in his work and a vocation not only to produce it but to bring the message out that it has to continue. The artist has reseaved a tiny spark of Gods creative spirit in order to glorifie Gods creation!